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Dull don’t cut it! No more folding or pulling your customers hair. We will reawaken those blades and shears to their fullest cutting potential! Resharpening also provides relief to aching wrists!

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Holding Scissors



A dull knife is a dangerous knife! Not only can a blunt edge do more accidental damage it will also slow your cooking speed. Bring your finest cooking blades to Zen Edge to have their edge reawakened to cutting perfection!

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Knife Sharpening



Is your table saw blade smoking? Chisel hit a nail? Stop burning your wood and bring your circular saw blades, chisels, and other woodworking tools to us! No matter what needs sharpening Zen Edge will have you back to your project fast!

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Japanese Chisel Sharpening



Are your tools more than just a little dull? We offer repair and restoration services too! Clippers on the fritz? High Speed Drier not blowing? Tools rusted? Knife handle falling off? Bring them to Zen Edge to make them like new again!

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Rusted tools



That chipped shovel just won’t work, you dig? We can put the edge back on your favorite lawn and garden tools faster than you can say “Green Thumb”! Your grass will look neatly trimmed, weeds will cower, and dirt will move after seeing your new edges!

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Garden Tools



Need your medical tools cutting again, stat? Veterinarian and Medical Scissors, Clipper Blades, and more returned to razor sharp! No matter the tool we will make sure it is cleaned and making the perfect cut like it came out of a new package!

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Vet Medical Tools Sharpening

No matter the dull edge, Zen Edge is ready to sharpen it!

Message us today to let us know about what dull edge needs sharpening! We will have it cutting in no time!

Zen Edge Price List

Check out our price list below for current sharpening cost. If you don’t see something on there you are looking for don’t hesitate to message or call us! There isn’t an edge we haven’t met we haven’t sharpened!


*All Shears (Professional and Non-Professional) are sharpened to the angle given by the factory unless requested differently by customer.

ItemSharpening TypePrice
Barber/Stylist ShearsJapanese Convex Edge$30
Barber/Stylist ShearsGerman Bevel Edge$20
Pet Grooming ShearsJapanese Convex Edge$25
Pet Grooming ShearsGerman Bevel Edge$17
Texturizers (Thinners, Chunkers, etc)$20
Fabric/Tailoring/Wallpapering Shears$9
Pinking Shears$9
Thread Scissors$3
Kitchen Shears$5
Medical Scissors$5
Common Household/School Scissors (Plastic Handles)$3


*All Kitchen Knives (Professional and Non-Professional) are sharpened with a 15-16 degree bevel unless requested differently by customer. Other knife edges are typically matched to factory angle.

ItemSharpening TypePrice
Straight Edge KnifeStraight Edge Double or Single Bevel$1 per inch *minimum $3*
Serrated Edge KnifeSerrated Edge Double or Single Sided$2 per inch

Woodworking Tools

*All woodworking tools are sharpened to the same angle as factory produced. Unless requested differently by the customer.

ItemSharpening TypePrice
ChiselsBevel Edge$3 and up
ChiselsLapping Back Flat$4 and up
Planer Blades (Electric)$1 per inch
Planer Blades (Hand Tool)Back Honed and Bevel Sharpened$4
Circular Saw Blades (Steel Teeth)$0.15 per tooth
Circular Saw Blades (Carbide Teeth)$0.40 per tooth
Hand SawSharpening Teeth only$1 per inch
Hand SawTooth Setting$.25 per inch
Hole Saw$4 (+ $2 per inch)
Hole Saw (Carbide)$6 (+ $2 per inch)
Drill Bits (Non Carbide)$2
Drill Bits (Non Hardened Steel)$3
Mortising bit$5
Mortising Chain$10

Check back frequently as we update and add new prices!

For any questions regarding something not on the list or current pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us! Zen Edge is here to help!

Call or Message today for sharpening!

A dull tool is a dangerous tool! Let Zen Edge professionally sharpen your edges while you focus on your project.

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